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  • tingy2013
    30 yrsAS7
    looking for someone to share weekends
  • boukengreen
    26 yrsAS8
    Ocean Grove
    Let's go on an adventure!
  • gretheln94
    20 yrsAS8
    Buenos Aires
    I am studying to become a teacher of English, and I'd like to know many languages and many other cultures.
  • chawanrat
    33 yrsAS7
    Don't wait to know each other, let start to be friend. ^___^
  • tiramissy
    27 yrsAS7
    language exchange.smile,smile,smile
  • ramida_may
    23 yrsAS8
    waitting for........someone!!!

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  • manahhhh
    23 yrsAS7
    ♡Be happy Be positive Enjoy my life♡※I'm not a VIPmember so just send a smile
  • amille
    22 yrsAS8
    La Turballe
    I'm Adrien, maybe I doesn't look like but I'm a shy guy ~ It's my hobbies like my job, I like lot of things about informatic. I also like reading, swimming, jet-skiing , sailing and few more.
  • kepeeare
    19 yrsAS7
    Khon Kaen
    ัํํYou can talk with me on facebook, this is my facebook >> Kandice San
  • ceeba80
    30 yrsAS7
    Yoroshiku! Let's talk~ ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞